Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To pick up where I left off yesterday...

I went to work for 11. I was supposed to only be there until four, but the MOD for the day, Kimber, asked me to stay a full shift until six because Erika wasn't coming in anymore and they needed help covering cafe. So I said okay...and then she asked if I could stay until seven when the next cafe person was coming in. So I called Andrew and told him what was going on (I had to call him at work...which he got really excited about - especially when it was him who answered the phone!)

So I get back from work around seven-fifteen pm and we both get dressed for running. And we run for three miles (just around the loop near our house). Originally I made it a goal to make it to the first light, which is about a mile and a half from the house, and walk the rest of the way back like I did a few days ago. But when I got to the light, I was feeling pretty good and kept going. Andrew said we were actually running at a faster pace than the last two times, even though I felt as though I was going much slower than both of the last times. We did three miles in 34 minutes. Not too bad for not having run in four-five years (since being injured in college).

Then we ate dinner. Perogies, beans and garlic bread (so yummy!) and opened a sweet red wine by Barefoot that the Rossons brought over for us at our little party a few weekends ago. It was delicious. We each had a glass. I might even like it better than the moscato!!

Today I got up around eight/eight-thirty and made a pan of blueberry muffins. I made them from the Betty Crocker cookbook I got form my Aunt Sue and cousin Katie for my Bridal shower. They came out very delicious. There is another blueberry recipe in the Newlywed Cookbook by Robin? Miller that I would like to try. I got the book from Jen Runyon, a college friend. She and her husband sent us this book as part of our wedding gift. I've made two recipes in it so far! Her blueberry recipe has oats, almond extract and butter in it whereas the Betty Crocker one did not.

After baking and playing with Chip some, and doing some laundry, I walked down the street to Masha (Spinney) Marshall's house. I brought over about half of the muffins for a snack. We got to catch up and chat for a while...Andrew actually called me around one to ask if I was coming home....I wanted the car to go to the library so I could print some things out. (We don't have a printer). It am so glad I went over. It was wonderful to catch up with each other. Plus, her husband makes some pretty good coffee!

Dinner is baking right now. We are having stove-top chicken. Andrew is cooking. ;)

Alex is coming over for dinner tonight. Andrew and I are supposed to be going rock climbing at Alaska Rock Gym. We got belay-certified there about two weeks ago and had to postpone from going last week because something came up. And we want to go at least for a little while tonight and maybe even again tomorrow evening. After all, we did both buy harnesses and Andrew bought a pair of shoes for it. We might as well use them!

That's about it for now. It was a beautiful day here today. Hardly a cloud in the sky and a warm [haha] 45 degrees! Wonderful views of the mountains!

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  1. HEY you guys. I got something in the mail that absolutely MADE my day. (Sam's also wicked jealous.)

    Miss you both so much!