Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How was your Easter?

Ours was....not an Easter. At all. Which is really abnormal for me (Caitlin). We didn't go to church (even though I desperately wanted to!), we scratched our Flattop hiking plans, didn't color any eggs and I didn't make anything special for breakfast, lunch OR dinner. Let me start from the beginning....

Saturday I went to work like normal, the shift running from 10 am - 5pm. I was soooooo hungry by the time my lunch break came around (2 pm) that I just gobbled up my food. I had a Pb&j sandwich, water and yellow & orange peppers. So after lunch I'm working over in the support area of the cafe and for whatever reason the smell of the food I'm cooking is making me nauseous. At first I thought that maybe I ate my lunch too fast or drank too much water. I keep feeling sick. Then I start feeling dehydrated. And more nauseous. Uh-oh. I went to the manager and explained what was going on. She found someone else in the bookstore to cover my last two hours so I called Andrew to have him pick me up.

Two hours later, after a crying session, ginger-ale and some pep-to-bismol, I was vomiting. AND I was home alone...Andrew had gone out to run some errands. I felt slightly better after that happened...but then felt just the same. Gross. 100.4 fever (pretty high for me considering my body temp usually falls in the lower 97's). I felt like crap. So I went to be early.

And we woke up late. Very late. And I didn't have the strength to get up to use the bathroom during the night so you can see why we didn't make it to any of the services on Sunday. And why we didn't climb a mountain. Andrew would have had to carry me up and back. That would have been quite the sight (and bonding or un-bonding experience).

But my mom did send us each Easter 'baskets'! We each got a wonderful delicious Dove chocolate bunny and some jelly beans. Andrew, being the man that he is, got some tools....like a level! We wanted one when putting up some shelves in the living room but never got around to buying one... and a tape measure! That would have helped in our shelving escapade too. The Easter Bunny brought me some potting soil, three biodegradable pots and some herb seeds! I might plant them tonight!

So we stayed home, all day. Nope, sorry, we did run out to the store to get Chip some more dry food. And we did go for a shortish walk around the neighborhood later in the evening.

Monday I also called out of work. Well, Andrew called out for me. Just to give me another day of rest. What a good doobie.

oh, and Chip's neuter went fine. They say to keep them quite to a week or so, to allow the animal to heal....it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to keep Chip quiet...even when his toys have been taken away! He chases shadows and random other things around the house. He's a crazy kitty. And the neuter? It didn't make him any less wild. Slightly bummer-ful. Yes, I just made that up.

Okay, got to go pick up Andrew from work.


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