Thursday, February 23, 2012


Oh Wednesdays. Wednesday evenings I have all to myself - well, at least until 7:30, sometimes 8:30. Andrew picks me up at work anywhere from 5:15-5:20 (depending on the time I actually get out) then drops me off at home before he drives over to Changepoint (yes, the church we attend) to do his training night with Skinny Raven Sports. He sometimes usually stops off at Boscoe's Comic Book store after running.

So what do I do in my few hours of solitude? I would like to say that I do yoga or pilates or somehting of that nature...uninterrupted stretching etc. But I'm lazy :)

Instead, I make dinner, eat it while watching the newest episode of NCIS:LA. Tonight I made oven-fried cod and a salad Sarah made for dinner one of the last times I was there. It has olives, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and feta cheese crumbles.

 Then sometimes watch a re-run or two of an older NCIS: the original while menu planning for the next week (which is more planing that watching) and taking an initial inventory of our cabinets.

The cookbooks sans Betty Crocker.

I had originally saved this as right-side-up but for whatever reason, it doesn't like me. But this is the pasta cupboard.
Besides that, I also do some chores too, like clean the cat litter and feed him, do some laundry, unload the dishwasher and clean up from dinner. So I guess Wednesdays are relatively productive.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hello Saturday!

Not much has gone on this week. I got the car on Monday because Andrew went to Alyeska with Julian to Snowboard/Ski. It was nice to be able to run errands like mailing things at the post office that have been waiting to be mailed for like, literally, a month. I just haven't had the time nor the money to mail them out.

On Wednesday evening I had a little bit of an upset-ment and so then I was surprised on Thursday when Andrew came into work with a bouquet of flowers and a chai from Barnes & Noble. Awww. Everyone at work was pretty jealous and kept asking about them. I have a husband who loves me!

Thursday evening we went on a date to Beartooth Theatre and had dinner while watching a documentary on bicycling across the US for the American Diabetes Association and Kupenda, an organization in Kenya that helps kids with disabilities get into school and supports them while there. The documentary was entitled Adventures for the Cure. The really neat thing about it is that not only one of the three has type 1 diabetes but also that all three guys rode across country on fixed single speed bikes. Yeah crazy.

It was relaxing to be able to go out with each other. I do like going to Hospitality House in Eagle River, but sometimes it is relaxing to not have to rush out right after work, when my clothes are full of drool, spit, poo, urine - you name it, I probably have it on my jeans or my smock... Not that I wear my smock out in public. But sometimes it leaks through.

Last night I went to a RefresHER event at Changepoint. There was a light dinner served but I didn't realize that and had made dinner at home. We worshiped and then there was a few skits and some giveaway prizes before the director of women's ministry at Changepoint gave a message and I thought it was very inspiring. I enjoyed her message. Afterwards, the First Lady of Alaska, Sarah Parnell joined the stage and this is where my enjoyment turned to boredom. I was very excited to hear what she had to say about God and how she is living in Faith etc, like her testimony etc (Mrs. Parnell and the Women's director are related through marriage as their children wed this past summer). And she did have some interesting stories about going to Africa - which I enjoyed - but her main talk was to advocate for sex trafficking in Alaska, especially here in Anchorage. Yes, I know it is important and steps need to be taken to help alleviate this crime against women. But I think it would have been much better if she shared her story. Her Christ story. Because I don't know who this woman is, apart from the fact that she is married to the Governor of Alaska.

After the event, I went to Barnes & Noble for coffees and I bought Andrew another bobblehead character for his collection: Thor. Then we headed off to the movie theater where we bought tickets to see Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. I don't really like the series, but I figured since I dragged him to see the first part of the 4th Twilight installment, that I at least owed it to him. And I must say. I SORT OF LIKED IT. Yikes!

This morning (bright and early since the movie didn't get out until almost 1 am and I got up at 7:45 am) I went to my appointment at Ambience Hair Design & Spa in South Anchorage. Let's just say that this type of wake-up call is a lot more effective than coffee, that's for sure! Good thing it only comes about once every five weeks!

Then I went grocery shopping. And Andrew went running. And although we were supposed to go snowshoeing at the Eagle River Nature Center today...I am still waiting on him to come home. Yes he was running 12 miles today, but it isn't the running that is keeping him away. He locked himself out of the car. And is currently waiting in Julian's car while AAA takes their sweet 'ole time to aid him.
So instead I will head to Chugiak and hang out with Sarah for a little while. Maybe tomorrow after church we will do our outing (I hope so).

I am so glad it is the weekend.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Bucket List

Do you have one? I have never watched the movie, but I get the idea. You have a list of things you would like to accomplish/see/do in your lifetime. Someone mentioned this to me the other day and I thought 'I don't have one...anymore'. I used to have this list of things I wanted to do (before the movie ever came out) and I have accomplished them. I had, at one point in my life, a SCUBA certification. I went on a Brio/Focus-on-the-family-sponsored mission trip. I spend three months living in Eastern Africa. I went to a small Christian School. I got a degree in Biology. I lived with my maternal grandparents for a year. I worked as a counselor at a summer camp (for three years while in college). I got married to a wonderful man and love him more everyday.

But what about now? Sure, I have goals for the year (see my 2012 resolutions post), but in terms of my life? From now until whenever? I'm not sure.

This has got me thinking...what are some of the things I have had in mind to do...eventually? Here are some of the things that have been rolling around in my head (and I plan on adding more/crossing them off as they happen with dates etc):
1. Visit the Redwood trees
2. Sleep in a tree house (they have them near Seattle Washington)
3. Live in Oregon
4. Visit India, Iceland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Japan, Sweden
5. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
6. Meet/talk with President Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama 
7. Collect all of my favorite Disney/other childhood movies

Alaska Bucket List:
1. Take a picture at the Arctic Circle
2. Relax in Chena Hot Springs
3. Camp/hike in Denali National Park
4. Spend a weekend in Homer
5. Talk/meet with Sarah Palin
6. Participate in the Fur Rondy outhouse Race
7. Hike Mt. Baldy & Crow's Pass
8. Go on a 26-Glacier Cruise out of Whittier
9. Ride the railroad
10. Participate in a higher than 5-k race during the Big Wild Life runs in the summer
11. Go to Fairbanks during the Ice Festival & view the Aurora Borealis
12.Go to an Alaska Aces game
13. Go to the Summer Baseball Games - Check! June 23rd 2012 Glacier Pilots vs. Chugiak Chinooks!
14. Eat more sushi.
15. Check out all the neat restaurants around Anchorage before we leave.