Friday, April 29, 2011

Andrew is safely back in Massachusetts!

I dropped Andrew off at the Airport late last night and sat outside security with him for an hour before driving home. I got a little lost (missed my turn) so I had to bang on the locked doors of a Century21 movie theater to ask for directions. I finally got home, texted Andrew for a bit then nodded off to bed.

Today after I got up, I cleaned the house: swept and mopped the floors, and vacuumed the rugs, also cleaned both bathrooms and washed the windows....then I had lunch before heading out to Target to get Jaadin a wonderful wedding gift (just two more weekends)!.

Made dinner once I got home and talked to Andrew before going to the gym. I was going to do the elliptical, but decided to run on the indoor track instead (in my new -on sale! - running shorts). I didn't keep track of the laps (12 is a mile), but instead just ran for thirty minutes. It was nice to get 'in the zone' early on, except that it became a challenge to continue in the last ten minutes.

Now, I just finished watching BeetleJuice on ABCfamily, and now blogging. And drinking tea.

I miss Andrew. I wish that he has a good time while at Krista's and Tyson's wedding but that he hurries home to me!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A blog/website I've been following and really enjoy reading.

and while you are at it, check out this particular article I've just read...

I did the grocery shopping on Monday (because Saturday was WAY too busy, Andrew said and Sunday was Easter) and apparantly I will be doing the shopping from now on because I came back with so much more food than he does (that's what he said) and I still spent the same amount of money we've been each week. One thing is that because I was sick for two days, I didn't cook and that pushed those two meals to Monday and Tuesday evenings, so then I only had to plan three or four instead of six. I had the cashier total up the price of what the ingredients for the actual meals cost (around $71 - and that included staples like bread and bagels, milk, cheese etc!) before adding in the rest of the items I wanted to get. I got some 'extras' of extra can of tomato sauce for example, or an extra couple cans of soup, and some cans of fruit (because we had one in the cabinet that needed to be used for a recipe, but I wanted to eat it ALL week)!

So Andrew said I would be the one shopping from now on. Okay.

One thing I am really excited about here in Anchorage this summer is the weekly Farmer's Market/fair that runs weekends mid-May through mid-September. Apparantly it is really big and alot of people go...and they block off like two streets I think for the entire things every weekend. I hope to go and get some fresh veggies and fruits! Here's the website:

Last night Andrew and I went back to Alaska Rock Gym. This is our third time back in about a month. We decided to buy a family pass, which is $100/month and we can go whenever we like for as long as we like. It's a really good deal because otherwise we would be paying about $26 total for both of us to go once. If we go even once a week for a month, we've already made the money back. And even though Andrew is flying back to MA tonight for his sister's wedding this weekend, I might go over there tomorrow (Thursday) to do some bouldering/work to help my fingers get stronger. Who knows.

What am I going to do without Andrew around?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How was your Easter?

Ours was....not an Easter. At all. Which is really abnormal for me (Caitlin). We didn't go to church (even though I desperately wanted to!), we scratched our Flattop hiking plans, didn't color any eggs and I didn't make anything special for breakfast, lunch OR dinner. Let me start from the beginning....

Saturday I went to work like normal, the shift running from 10 am - 5pm. I was soooooo hungry by the time my lunch break came around (2 pm) that I just gobbled up my food. I had a Pb&j sandwich, water and yellow & orange peppers. So after lunch I'm working over in the support area of the cafe and for whatever reason the smell of the food I'm cooking is making me nauseous. At first I thought that maybe I ate my lunch too fast or drank too much water. I keep feeling sick. Then I start feeling dehydrated. And more nauseous. Uh-oh. I went to the manager and explained what was going on. She found someone else in the bookstore to cover my last two hours so I called Andrew to have him pick me up.

Two hours later, after a crying session, ginger-ale and some pep-to-bismol, I was vomiting. AND I was home alone...Andrew had gone out to run some errands. I felt slightly better after that happened...but then felt just the same. Gross. 100.4 fever (pretty high for me considering my body temp usually falls in the lower 97's). I felt like crap. So I went to be early.

And we woke up late. Very late. And I didn't have the strength to get up to use the bathroom during the night so you can see why we didn't make it to any of the services on Sunday. And why we didn't climb a mountain. Andrew would have had to carry me up and back. That would have been quite the sight (and bonding or un-bonding experience).

But my mom did send us each Easter 'baskets'! We each got a wonderful delicious Dove chocolate bunny and some jelly beans. Andrew, being the man that he is, got some a level! We wanted one when putting up some shelves in the living room but never got around to buying one... and a tape measure! That would have helped in our shelving escapade too. The Easter Bunny brought me some potting soil, three biodegradable pots and some herb seeds! I might plant them tonight!

So we stayed home, all day. Nope, sorry, we did run out to the store to get Chip some more dry food. And we did go for a shortish walk around the neighborhood later in the evening.

Monday I also called out of work. Well, Andrew called out for me. Just to give me another day of rest. What a good doobie.

oh, and Chip's neuter went fine. They say to keep them quite to a week or so, to allow the animal to is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to keep Chip quiet...even when his toys have been taken away! He chases shadows and random other things around the house. He's a crazy kitty. And the neuter? It didn't make him any less wild. Slightly bummer-ful. Yes, I just made that up.

Okay, got to go pick up Andrew from work.


Monday, April 18, 2011

A less-than-three-days old license is now tainted....

So, This weekend has been crazy. Friday I worked in the evening. Durin the day I went over to Airman's Attic and ended up getting a pair of khaki pants for work, as well as a pair of really nice khaki chino/capris and then just a pair of regular jeans. my other two pair are fading fast...the seams are ripping on the sides. I don't know how much longer there will last!
After work, Andrew and I went to the mall in town to visit Eddie Bauer. I am a member in their rewards program so I had a ten dollar certificate to use, in addition to a 50% off coupon of one regular priced item. So of course I wanted to use the coupon! The store was closing at eight so we had to hurry. We got there around 7:20 and spent the next hour or so in the store. I walked away with quite the steal: a pair of khaki cargo pants (originally $60) on sale for $20 plus an additional 30% off which comes out to: $14.00. A short sleeved salmon-colored v-neck shirt originally $25, on sale for $13 and 30% off to come to: $9.40 and lastly, I used the 50% off coupon on a pair of white-ish cargo shorts (originally $40) that became $20...So now the total is approximately $43.05, but WAIT! I have a ten dollars off certificate! So the final total came to $33.05...which Andrew decided he wanted to pay for me....what a good doobie!  All in all, I paid just over $33.00 for $125-worth of clothes. Not a bad deal!

We slept in on Saturday and had a late breakfast/lunch of french toast before I got ready for work. I worked from 2-7 pm and Andrew went grocery shopping and cleaned some of the house while I was working. What a good doobie!

Saturday evening we had a picnic on our living room floor. We wanted to do it outside but by that time it had gotten a little chillier (I thought), so we locked Chip in the basement so we could eat undisturbed on the floor. We had sandwhiches, cookies, iced tea, an orange and a couple of hard boiled eggs. Then we watched two episodes of the first season of Fringe before heading to bed.

Sunday we went to Cornerstone church, located in the southernmost part of Anchorage. The early service started a nine am so we went to that one. We liked the people in the church...everyone was welcoming to us and introduced themselves to us and talked a little bit. A major difference from Change Point (the biggest church in Alaska I think) when we went a couple of weeks ago. One thing we definitely did not like was the sermon. It was so DRY. I had so much trouble staying focused, much less awake for his message. I know he was preaching on the Holy Spirit and the difference between being filled and being possessed by the Holy Spirit....but I couldn't quite follow him.

Afterwards we headed to Eagle River to watch eagles being fed....but I think we went to the wrong place. Either that or they don't do it anymore. I'm not sure. Along the way we got pulled over (Andrew was driving) and he got his first ticket ever...on his record. But what is REALLY funny, is that we have only had our new Alaska licenses for less than three days at that point...and he already has four points on his license. The policeman was nice and reduced the speed which reduced the points and the fine (because his MA license record is clear until now) but it could have been much worse.

For other details, you can talk to Andrew. I think it's in his perogative to let you know how much he has to pay! (which will probably come out of my paycheck and he will pay me back).

Anyways, this morning I had to choice to go into work (I was on-call) but Marco said I didn't have to. Which is sweet. A good day to relax. So I have tomorrow during the day off but working in the evening, and I also have Wednesday and Thursday off ALL day!!! So AWESOME! I'm pretty excited. I've been working for six days straight so far.  Andrew wanted me to make some banana bread but all the bananas are currently right now they are trying to thaw on top of the stove. So instead, I made some blueberry muffins and before I have to pick up Andrew from work, I'll be bringing Chip back to the shelter to get neutered....hopefully the shelter won't make him sick this time! And that he will heal fast!

Other than that, not too much is new!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To pick up where I left off yesterday...

I went to work for 11. I was supposed to only be there until four, but the MOD for the day, Kimber, asked me to stay a full shift until six because Erika wasn't coming in anymore and they needed help covering cafe. So I said okay...and then she asked if I could stay until seven when the next cafe person was coming in. So I called Andrew and told him what was going on (I had to call him at work...which he got really excited about - especially when it was him who answered the phone!)

So I get back from work around seven-fifteen pm and we both get dressed for running. And we run for three miles (just around the loop near our house). Originally I made it a goal to make it to the first light, which is about a mile and a half from the house, and walk the rest of the way back like I did a few days ago. But when I got to the light, I was feeling pretty good and kept going. Andrew said we were actually running at a faster pace than the last two times, even though I felt as though I was going much slower than both of the last times. We did three miles in 34 minutes. Not too bad for not having run in four-five years (since being injured in college).

Then we ate dinner. Perogies, beans and garlic bread (so yummy!) and opened a sweet red wine by Barefoot that the Rossons brought over for us at our little party a few weekends ago. It was delicious. We each had a glass. I might even like it better than the moscato!!

Today I got up around eight/eight-thirty and made a pan of blueberry muffins. I made them from the Betty Crocker cookbook I got form my Aunt Sue and cousin Katie for my Bridal shower. They came out very delicious. There is another blueberry recipe in the Newlywed Cookbook by Robin? Miller that I would like to try. I got the book from Jen Runyon, a college friend. She and her husband sent us this book as part of our wedding gift. I've made two recipes in it so far! Her blueberry recipe has oats, almond extract and butter in it whereas the Betty Crocker one did not.

After baking and playing with Chip some, and doing some laundry, I walked down the street to Masha (Spinney) Marshall's house. I brought over about half of the muffins for a snack. We got to catch up and chat for a while...Andrew actually called me around one to ask if I was coming home....I wanted the car to go to the library so I could print some things out. (We don't have a printer). It am so glad I went over. It was wonderful to catch up with each other. Plus, her husband makes some pretty good coffee!

Dinner is baking right now. We are having stove-top chicken. Andrew is cooking. ;)

Alex is coming over for dinner tonight. Andrew and I are supposed to be going rock climbing at Alaska Rock Gym. We got belay-certified there about two weeks ago and had to postpone from going last week because something came up. And we want to go at least for a little while tonight and maybe even again tomorrow evening. After all, we did both buy harnesses and Andrew bought a pair of shoes for it. We might as well use them!

That's about it for now. It was a beautiful day here today. Hardly a cloud in the sky and a warm [haha] 45 degrees! Wonderful views of the mountains!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I thought about posting this morning (yes, it is still morning, but I meant way earlier than this). I brought Andrew to work then came back and have played with chip, as well as responded to some emails that have been waiting for me for the past couple of days/looking online for a more permanent job in which to apply. I slightly do not feel well today, but I will be leaving for work in about a half hour anyway to work for five.

At work yesterday we started the FreshBake program which means that we can only have three of an item on a plate in the case at one time. Whenwe get to three or below, we must back to appropritate number more, until we reach six of that item. So the large baking oven in the support area will be ON ALL DAY, in addition to the two little ovens. I think it is going to be crazy. And one very warm summer if working support.

Andrew and I had dinner of english muffin pizzas then watched The Princess & The Frog on Netflix last night. It was cute.

It was snowing this morning, then sunny, then just had some rain and now the sun is out again! Make up your mind weather!

OKay, really, got to go get ready. Maybe a better, longer post later.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Andrew took today off so we could hang out and get some extra shopping done together. It was nice to have him home, especially when I have to work nights and all I get to see him is lunchtime during those days! So we drove to Eagle River so Andrew could get his Alaskan license. I couldn't get mine because I don't yet have my new social security card. Andrew got everything filled out, went over to the computer to take the test....and FAILED! To pass you need to get sixteen questions right (out of twenty) and *apparantly* whether he passed or failed hung on one question...

Then we came back to Anchorage and went to a gazillion different stores. We went to a super-Walmart and got a bunch of random things that we needed such as a fileing storage box, some file folders (to keep all these loose papers organized!), some more hangers for my closet, the coat closet and the spare bedroom closet. We also got some removable wall hooks to put near the front doorway. We also went to Costco but didn't find anything there. The two big purchases we were hoping to make today: a bookcase and an entertainment center/t.v. stand. We found a t.v. stand we liked for $55 at Best Buy so we got it. We also had to get nail trimmers for Chip, and also a laser to play with him and some catnip at Petsmart. So far he hasn't really been affected by the catnip, we haven't tried out the laser, and tomorrow or later tonight I will try clipping his nails. They have gotten SO long and sharp these last few weeks.

Andrew also went to Men's Warehouse to get fitted for Krista's wedding in just a few short weeks.

Once home, Andrew went back out to Target looking for some screws and a screwdriver to put together out t.v. stand and also to mount some shadow boxes to the living room walls (we got them at Fred Meyer) while I got started on dinner. We are having vegetable lasagna.

That was at 5:30 pm.
It's 7:15 pm.
It's still not ready.

I made a HUGE mistake. The recipe called for noodles that were already oven-ready. So I assumed that's what Andrew bought last week when he went grocery shopping. WRONG!

The reason why the lasagna is still in the oven, cooking away, is because I DIDN'T COOK THE NOODLES FIRST!

As Krista would say *facepalm*.

But I did take some pictures from the adventure!
En route to Eagle River.

More mountains.

The beginning stages...

I had to improvise on white sauce.

The garlic saute-ing.

With some kale.

Another, cooler shot.

Before the oven....

Can't you see the unbaked noodles?

The really awesome-everyone-should-have-one cookbook I got in the mail from my Aunt Sue (from the Bridal shower in January).

Monday, April 4, 2011

We were having some fun with chip...

He wasn't too happy.

Then he became a ballerina.

Isn't he pretty?

So he decided to hide. :)