Sunday, June 5, 2011

Twilight Skini Mini 6k Run. Friday June 3rd 7 pm

Race Results:
In my age range (21-29) I came in 34th out of 135 participants with a time of 34:33 and a pace of 9.16 mins. Aka the top 25%!!!
In the entire female division (aged 0-elderly), I placed 94th out of 415 participants (aka the top 22.6%!!)
Overall in the entire race (men and women), I placed 153rd of 558 participants (aka top 27%!)

Andrew's Twilight 12k Race Results:
In his age range (21-29): 44th out of 129 participants, with a 7:32 pace and total time of 56:05 (top 34%) .
In the entire male division: 163rd of 507 participants (top 31%).
Overall in the race: 209 of 1245 participants (top 16.7%!!)

If you don't believe me, visit Skinny Raven and click on view 2011 race results.

The Alaska Zoo on Friday!

On Friday, Andrew and I went to the Alaska Zoo. Here are some pictures from our day!
The Sign...
Andrew at the sign.

Mr. Polar Bear.

A Wolverine.

Musk Ox

Baby Musk Ox!

Yakity yak yak.

Shaved but super cute Llamas...Emperor's New Groove anyone?


Trumpeter Swan.

Mountain Goat... You shut up! No, you shut up!

Snow Leopard.

What to do if you encounter a bear.

In the petting zoo!

He was really cute!