Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Josh has a walnut allergy.

A set of vows to look over, that I really like, instead of the traditional vows.
"With this ring,
I give you my promise that from this day forward,
you shall not walk alone.
May my heart be your shelter
And my arms be your home.
May God (Spirit) bless you always.
May we talk together through all things.
May you feel deeply loved, for indeed you are.
May you always see your innocence in my eyes.
I give you my heart.
I have no greater gift to give.
I promise I shall always do my best.
I feel so honored to call you my husband/wife
I feel so pleased to call you mine.
May we feel this joy forever.
I thank God (Spirit).
I thank you and I love you."
-- Written by Marianne Williamson, modified by Annemarie Juhlian, Wedding Celebrant

Friday, January 7, 2011

blah blah blah blah

Hmmm... what has been going on since those invitations have been mailed? Not alot and yet at the same time, alot. I've been working, trying to squeeze in time at the gym even if it is just twenty minutes on some sort of cardiovascular machine before skipping off to the next thing. This past wednesday I went to White Cliffs to visit with Anne Marie and talk about our centerpieces and napkins and tablecloths. We are still doing the 9 inch vases with the candy inside and tied with a shimmery ribbon. The vase will be placed on a mirror in the center of the table, a beaded pearl jewel thing wrapped around the base and two square glass votive candles placed on two opposite corners. The tealights are to by a dark blue, to keep with the blue theme (which I have to pick up), but I can't really seem to find dark blue tealights anywhere...at least not at Michael's or Pier 1, the only two places I have looked.

So after, Krystal, Erin and I went to Blackstone Valley PLaza (yes, I know, I'm still there even on my day off), got some coldstone icecream, went to Michael's to get more vases and a few other things...when I had paid etc I got a flyer in my bag that said this upcoming week would be a weeklong sale of buy one get one, and on sunday from 1-7 pm there is a coupon for 20% off the entire order, including sale items but excluding clearance. Well, nothing I bought was on clearance... so today after work I returned all I had bought except the ribbon (because it was only 50 cents anyways) and got a refund back onto the debit card I used.... and sunday after church I will log on to michael's website and see if I can re-purchase all my items, getting at least half of them free... or at least getting 20% off! That would be way better than what I spent on it on wednesday!

I need to ask Krystal how long if would take to etch a phrase onto some wine glasses... haven't talked to her yet. I thought of calling her today but then I remembered she was still at work and wouldn't be able to answer her phone. FOr me, it feels really wierd to be at home finishing up a school project, doing wedding things and blogging on a friday night. I'm usually working friday nights...most times until eleven or twelve, or at least past five. I was out, went to the auburn mall for a bridesmaid purchase, went to the gym and came back all before five o'clock. Crazy!

Weddingness....I'm pretty relaxed about it all. Alot more chill right now. It seems to be some time away still.... I think when February actually hits that things will go by much faster, especially since the last weekend in January my mom is hosting a bridal shower for me and then that next weekend I will be in New Jersey for Kelly's wedding. Time certainly will fly then! Thinking of it now, there is something like fifty days left until that big day, but really, that's only something like six weekends left until the weekend of the wedding.

Most things are done. So far thirty two people have responded with a positive yes I am coming to the website which is nice to see so far. The sheet music for Josh and Johnie is being ordered this weekend and will be mailed out the beginning of this next week. My dress is all set and fitted (has been for a while) and is sitting up in Grammie's closet. I still need to get used to wearing my shoes....I've only worn them twice I think. Almost all of my Bridesmaids gifts are done. I only need to assemble and wrap them, along with writing a nice note of thanks etc for each of them. I only have two small items left to get for my sister Erin, and then I will have all completed!

The etching on the glasses will be for our parents... I have two sets of photo coasters right now in which I will put some sort of saying, maybe the shakespeare quote we have on our invitations or a thank you for being our parents type thing. I would like to order a third set from the website where I purchased the first two, but I will have to pay something like 9.00 for shipping, and I think it is pretty ridiculous to pay that much when the one set of coasters barely costs $2. I've looked at michael's and walmart, but the coasters they have are not quite what I am looking for. Michael's has smaller wedding ones to be used as favors etc, and they also have a larger strack but you have to buy them in the wooden casing and it comes four in a package...for $10. I just can't seem to win I guess.

Anyways, I suppose such a long post is enough of a break I will get before doing a couple more items on that bird book project. I am determined to officially finish it this weekend (not a hard thing to do, I just need to sit down and do it...but I have little motivation for it), as well as finish the backs of the snowflakes in the cellar and possibly apply for a couple of jobs found on USAjobs this week (most have closing dates of January 10th...gulp!)

Anyways, until later.