Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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I did the grocery shopping on Monday (because Saturday was WAY too busy, Andrew said and Sunday was Easter) and apparantly I will be doing the shopping from now on because I came back with so much more food than he does (that's what he said) and I still spent the same amount of money we've been each week. One thing is that because I was sick for two days, I didn't cook and that pushed those two meals to Monday and Tuesday evenings, so then I only had to plan three or four instead of six. I had the cashier total up the price of what the ingredients for the actual meals cost (around $71 - and that included staples like bread and bagels, milk, cheese etc!) before adding in the rest of the items I wanted to get. I got some 'extras' of extra can of tomato sauce for example, or an extra couple cans of soup, and some cans of fruit (because we had one in the cabinet that needed to be used for a recipe, but I wanted to eat it ALL week)!

So Andrew said I would be the one shopping from now on. Okay.

One thing I am really excited about here in Anchorage this summer is the weekly Farmer's Market/fair that runs weekends mid-May through mid-September. Apparantly it is really big and alot of people go...and they block off like two streets I think for the entire things every weekend. I hope to go and get some fresh veggies and fruits! Here's the website:

Last night Andrew and I went back to Alaska Rock Gym. This is our third time back in about a month. We decided to buy a family pass, which is $100/month and we can go whenever we like for as long as we like. It's a really good deal because otherwise we would be paying about $26 total for both of us to go once. If we go even once a week for a month, we've already made the money back. And even though Andrew is flying back to MA tonight for his sister's wedding this weekend, I might go over there tomorrow (Thursday) to do some bouldering/work to help my fingers get stronger. Who knows.

What am I going to do without Andrew around?

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