Monday, April 11, 2011

I thought about posting this morning (yes, it is still morning, but I meant way earlier than this). I brought Andrew to work then came back and have played with chip, as well as responded to some emails that have been waiting for me for the past couple of days/looking online for a more permanent job in which to apply. I slightly do not feel well today, but I will be leaving for work in about a half hour anyway to work for five.

At work yesterday we started the FreshBake program which means that we can only have three of an item on a plate in the case at one time. Whenwe get to three or below, we must back to appropritate number more, until we reach six of that item. So the large baking oven in the support area will be ON ALL DAY, in addition to the two little ovens. I think it is going to be crazy. And one very warm summer if working support.

Andrew and I had dinner of english muffin pizzas then watched The Princess & The Frog on Netflix last night. It was cute.

It was snowing this morning, then sunny, then just had some rain and now the sun is out again! Make up your mind weather!

OKay, really, got to go get ready. Maybe a better, longer post later.

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