Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Andrew took today off so we could hang out and get some extra shopping done together. It was nice to have him home, especially when I have to work nights and all I get to see him is lunchtime during those days! So we drove to Eagle River so Andrew could get his Alaskan license. I couldn't get mine because I don't yet have my new social security card. Andrew got everything filled out, went over to the computer to take the test....and FAILED! To pass you need to get sixteen questions right (out of twenty) and *apparantly* whether he passed or failed hung on one question...

Then we came back to Anchorage and went to a gazillion different stores. We went to a super-Walmart and got a bunch of random things that we needed such as a fileing storage box, some file folders (to keep all these loose papers organized!), some more hangers for my closet, the coat closet and the spare bedroom closet. We also got some removable wall hooks to put near the front doorway. We also went to Costco but didn't find anything there. The two big purchases we were hoping to make today: a bookcase and an entertainment center/t.v. stand. We found a t.v. stand we liked for $55 at Best Buy so we got it. We also had to get nail trimmers for Chip, and also a laser to play with him and some catnip at Petsmart. So far he hasn't really been affected by the catnip, we haven't tried out the laser, and tomorrow or later tonight I will try clipping his nails. They have gotten SO long and sharp these last few weeks.

Andrew also went to Men's Warehouse to get fitted for Krista's wedding in just a few short weeks.

Once home, Andrew went back out to Target looking for some screws and a screwdriver to put together out t.v. stand and also to mount some shadow boxes to the living room walls (we got them at Fred Meyer) while I got started on dinner. We are having vegetable lasagna.

That was at 5:30 pm.
It's 7:15 pm.
It's still not ready.

I made a HUGE mistake. The recipe called for noodles that were already oven-ready. So I assumed that's what Andrew bought last week when he went grocery shopping. WRONG!

The reason why the lasagna is still in the oven, cooking away, is because I DIDN'T COOK THE NOODLES FIRST!

As Krista would say *facepalm*.

But I did take some pictures from the adventure!
En route to Eagle River.

More mountains.

The beginning stages...

I had to improvise on white sauce.

The garlic saute-ing.

With some kale.

Another, cooler shot.

Before the oven....

Can't you see the unbaked noodles?

The really awesome-everyone-should-have-one cookbook I got in the mail from my Aunt Sue (from the Bridal shower in January).


  1. The Betty Crocker cookbook is the best! Look up the carrot cake recipe in it, I sell that carrot cake at the goshen market, it's a huge favorite! Go over every step in cooking, even if you think you know it!:) Fun to hear about your adventures, they really are that!

  2. Gorgeous photos of the mountains!! Wow!

  3. Reminds me of one of the first meals Pam cooked for me. She didn't cook the noodles either and it took forever to cook.