Sunday, November 25, 2012


As everyone else is doing thankful posts via Facebook or twitter, or even in letters and cards, I thought about what I am thankful for. As much as I would like to say the usual... "I'm thankful for family and friends..." I've been thinking a lot harder. What am I thankful for?

In our life this year, we have been incredibly blessed. We have been able to use cars from various friends as they have gone on deployments or on vacations for extended periods of time. And each one seems to come at the most appropriate time. For example, our friend Julian is coming back from a six month deployment this week - and my friend Sarah is leaving for 3 weeks of vacation on December 11th.  So while we will be with one car for two weeks again, we will then have a second car throughout the holidays. This helps out immensely since I have physical therapy twice a week and my schedule is off from Andrew's.

I am grateful that my health - although rather spotty at times - is in relatively good shape, including the stuff going on with my foot. It could have been worse, after all.

We have been able to have family visit us and travel back to visit others. We were able to go to Washington State and Seattle, Erin & Grammy have been able to visit, and both of us have been able to visit New England, albeit on separate occasions. Living in Alaska is harder when it comes to visiting family, mostly because it is expensive to buy plane tickets from here and it is more cost efficient to go for more than one week. but we've been lucky.

Andrew has made some significant breakthroughs in his career in terms of awards he has been in competition for or has won. This looks really good on his resume and shows that he is proactive on being a better wingman. That's why he is being nominated for Airmen of the Year award!

I am grateful that I still work 40 hrs a week and that I got Outstanding on my year-end review. Which means I will be getting a bonus at the end of the year. Sweet!

I am grateful for our crazy kitties, Zoey and Chip. They certainly keep things interesting.