Monday, April 18, 2011

A less-than-three-days old license is now tainted....

So, This weekend has been crazy. Friday I worked in the evening. Durin the day I went over to Airman's Attic and ended up getting a pair of khaki pants for work, as well as a pair of really nice khaki chino/capris and then just a pair of regular jeans. my other two pair are fading fast...the seams are ripping on the sides. I don't know how much longer there will last!
After work, Andrew and I went to the mall in town to visit Eddie Bauer. I am a member in their rewards program so I had a ten dollar certificate to use, in addition to a 50% off coupon of one regular priced item. So of course I wanted to use the coupon! The store was closing at eight so we had to hurry. We got there around 7:20 and spent the next hour or so in the store. I walked away with quite the steal: a pair of khaki cargo pants (originally $60) on sale for $20 plus an additional 30% off which comes out to: $14.00. A short sleeved salmon-colored v-neck shirt originally $25, on sale for $13 and 30% off to come to: $9.40 and lastly, I used the 50% off coupon on a pair of white-ish cargo shorts (originally $40) that became $20...So now the total is approximately $43.05, but WAIT! I have a ten dollars off certificate! So the final total came to $33.05...which Andrew decided he wanted to pay for me....what a good doobie!  All in all, I paid just over $33.00 for $125-worth of clothes. Not a bad deal!

We slept in on Saturday and had a late breakfast/lunch of french toast before I got ready for work. I worked from 2-7 pm and Andrew went grocery shopping and cleaned some of the house while I was working. What a good doobie!

Saturday evening we had a picnic on our living room floor. We wanted to do it outside but by that time it had gotten a little chillier (I thought), so we locked Chip in the basement so we could eat undisturbed on the floor. We had sandwhiches, cookies, iced tea, an orange and a couple of hard boiled eggs. Then we watched two episodes of the first season of Fringe before heading to bed.

Sunday we went to Cornerstone church, located in the southernmost part of Anchorage. The early service started a nine am so we went to that one. We liked the people in the church...everyone was welcoming to us and introduced themselves to us and talked a little bit. A major difference from Change Point (the biggest church in Alaska I think) when we went a couple of weeks ago. One thing we definitely did not like was the sermon. It was so DRY. I had so much trouble staying focused, much less awake for his message. I know he was preaching on the Holy Spirit and the difference between being filled and being possessed by the Holy Spirit....but I couldn't quite follow him.

Afterwards we headed to Eagle River to watch eagles being fed....but I think we went to the wrong place. Either that or they don't do it anymore. I'm not sure. Along the way we got pulled over (Andrew was driving) and he got his first ticket ever...on his record. But what is REALLY funny, is that we have only had our new Alaska licenses for less than three days at that point...and he already has four points on his license. The policeman was nice and reduced the speed which reduced the points and the fine (because his MA license record is clear until now) but it could have been much worse.

For other details, you can talk to Andrew. I think it's in his perogative to let you know how much he has to pay! (which will probably come out of my paycheck and he will pay me back).

Anyways, this morning I had to choice to go into work (I was on-call) but Marco said I didn't have to. Which is sweet. A good day to relax. So I have tomorrow during the day off but working in the evening, and I also have Wednesday and Thursday off ALL day!!! So AWESOME! I'm pretty excited. I've been working for six days straight so far.  Andrew wanted me to make some banana bread but all the bananas are currently right now they are trying to thaw on top of the stove. So instead, I made some blueberry muffins and before I have to pick up Andrew from work, I'll be bringing Chip back to the shelter to get neutered....hopefully the shelter won't make him sick this time! And that he will heal fast!

Other than that, not too much is new!

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