Monday, March 26, 2012


I decided to put our ever-growing wishlist from the fridge onto here so everyone can get ideas of what we would still like/need for our home. This could give you ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etc. I hope to update/cross-off things as we get them, but no promises.

Pizza stone
Knife set (yes, we still don't have one)
Knife Sharpener
Cliplights for under cabinets.
coupon box
large glass baking/mixing bowl

Lamp for living room (one for the corner)
Corresponding loveseat/chair to couch.
Small lamp for the guest room
Snow shovel with a steel edge
Corner desk with comfy chair
Paper shredder
Another set of queen sheets
Curtains for the living room/kitchen/dining room/guest room.
Family Tree Frame set
small freezer (not sure about this one)
Large storage tubs for basement/seasonal items

Caitlin's wishlist:
New glasses - will be getting some within the next few months.
A North Face jacket
A down jacket.
Point and shoot camera
Two more sport bras/New workout gear and sneakers.
Pair of leather dress sandals.

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