Monday, March 19, 2012

The Iditarod, the Coastal Trail and a Wedding Officiant

We went to the Ceremonial finish of the Iditarod on March 3rd. The start began in downtown Anchorage on 4th street at 10 am and since we went to the finish, the first team didn't actually get to the Campbell Airstrip until 11:20-ish. So instead of waiting around in the cold, we walked the length of the airstrip until almost reaching the Campbell Creek Science Center. We watched about 6 teams come through before heading to the center to see the displays set up and get some hot chocolate. There was a representative from the State Lab in Fairbanks with a table set up with information on diphtheria - including a microscope with a slide prepared. It was really neat to look at.
The first musher to come in. Does anyone know how to re-flip these? I did in another program and saved it, but for whatever reason, they aren't loading right-side up here.

You can pay money to put your name into an auction to ride in one of the sleds. Minimum bid is $500, and most who 'win' a ride pay upwards of $7500. Jeff King (with his sponsor Cabela's) works with Make A Wish Foundation to have kids ride in his sled.

Second Musher.

Third Musher.

I wanted to capture the dogs.

The list of mushers who will be competing.

 For a complete listing and updates on everything Iditarod 2012, visit here.

Later on, before Andrew left for his training, we went down to our favorite section of the Coastal Trail and took a bunch of pictures. Here are a few. Again, I apologize for any non-righted one.

Looking across the lake to the mountains.

We saw a moose chompin' on some branches in someone's yard along the trail.

One of the many tunnels under the roads/railroad tracks along the trail.

Being silly. This is my new FB cover photo.

I really like this photo of Andrew.

We were able to make it to the island in the center of the lake. There is supposedly a geocache hidden here - maybe in the summer we will be able to kayak out here to find it.
Also, a few weekends ago (March 10th actually), Andrew served as officiant for a wedding of one of his coworkers. It was a potluck wedding held in one of the chalets on base. I took my camera as a backup and here are some of the pictures I took:

Andrew and I after the ceremony.
Just kidding. I am only uploading one because the other ones aren't co-operating right now.

Since Andrew has been away, it has been a little lonely. Yes, I like to be able to sleep until 7 instead of 6 and get to work a few minutes before rather than an hour before. Yes, I am liking having the car all to myself. But this is truly a double-edged sword. Our bed is cold & lonely. Yesterday after a morning appointment, making the grocery list and actually shopping, I talked to both my mom, Grammie and Erin before making dinner and watching Season 1 of Bones on Netflix until I basically went to bed. I did write some letters though too.

Today I went to the 9:30 am service before stopping at Carrs to pick up some eggplant since the commissary was out yesterday and Carrs was on the way home. Then I went to Sarah's and hung out for a little while, going to Palmer to visit the Three Bears - a bulk store like Costco or BJs but without the membership. I got some whole bean coffee from Raven's Brew (roasted here in Anchorage), a new hairbrush and hair elastics, and something for Andrew's Easter basket. I can't tell you what it is here because he might read this! Then I came home, made dinner and banana bread which I promptly forgot about in the oven...for an hour longer than it was supposed to be I am hoping it is still edible! And now I am blogging.

If Andrew was here?

Yesterday we probably would have gone to see a movie, been outside on the coastal trail (maybe I would have been able to convince him to go ice skating...I've been trying all winter but he just doesn't want to go :(. ) Life is a lot more interesting and fun when he is here to share it with me.

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