Monday, March 26, 2012

A quiet Sunday evening at home.

I was going to watch The End of The Spear tonight (it came in the mail via Netflix), but then I decided to have a quiet t.v. - off evening. Instead I am listening to K-Love online, watching Chip chase after a dryer ball and doing some email cleanup, blogging (as you can see) and general reflecting.

This weekend (really today) was productive. Yesterday I brought Chip to the vet to get his exam and two shots he needed, took a nap in the afternoon, cleaned the bathroom and dusted upstairs, folded laundry, changed the bed, made dinner then went to see The Hunger Games with some ladies before heading to bed (10 pm). Today was the more productive day (at least I think so). I talked with Grandma Falcetti this morning before doing the Insanity workout from Friday. I went to church and re-connected with Christine Field and Craig (I don't know his last name but Andrew and I met him sometime around Christmas) before signing up to serve in the nursery at the 11:30 service during Easter. I took a tour of the nursery so I would be familiar with it. The woman who gave me the tour said that they haven't been able to offer nursery care during the 1:30 service because there isn't any volunteers to staff it (you need two per room in order to open the room). This is sad because many of the parents who go to the afternoon service are single parents and they are the ones who need it the most.

I will be praying about this.

I bought a book today called Plains Thunder: The Invitation from Jesus to Real Worship by Lee Hudson. Lee is a pastor at Changepoint and in addition to publishing this book, he also professionally recorded a four-song CD of songs he wrote (and we frequently sing in church) and included it in the book purchase. I am pretty excited to read it. Lee is a phenomenal speaker and I'm sure that reading his book will be just like hearing him preach.

One thing I had written about back during the new year celebrations was about tithing and where God might want me to tithe. I prayed very hard for the first couple of months, feeling torn between giving to a friend doing ministry in Boston MA and the Hospitality House ministry up here. The monies for the HH ministry would consist of giving donations to the house like paper towels, toilet paper, coffee mate, coffee bags, napkins etc. I thought I had come to a conclusion of giving to HH. But I haven't spoken to Andrew about it. And now he's away on training. And I'm fearful of bringing this up with him. From what I am aware, he has never felt the need/call/passion/biblical foundation to tithe back to God because of his background. (Granted, I could be completely wrong but as far as I know, he doesn't really see the point/care because he never had to do it before).

And now I am unsure of what to do. Easter Sunday's offering will be going directly to the Benevolence fund at Changepoint. This is partially why I feel torn and have the need to bring it up again. Currently, my 10% is going into my savings account with my actual designated 10% savings. I want to give to the offering on Easter. I want to support Syndal monthly. I want to give to HH. Should I commit to all three? We do attend the services. I am wanting to get involved. I am trying to get involved/have more activities for the women in HH. Should my monies be going to helping out this ministry? Or should I be donating toilet paper to HH, because, after all, I do use the bathroom when I am there. I know of the good works that Syndal is doing in Boston. I have seen how it has impacted both her life and those around her. She is an astounding woman of faith.

I will be praying about this.

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