Monday, March 12, 2012

The Ten Day You Challenge

I got this idea from another Blog I've been reading (who I am somehow related to by marriage from Andrew's side).

And since I wanted to upload a bunch of pictures I've taken in the past two weeks and write about them, but cannot because Andrew is currently transferring files from this computer to the PS3, I will write on this instead and maybe this next weekend I can get around to editing and posting and writing. 

Ten Secrets - or maybe just some quirks about me you may not have known before.

a. I have a tattoo of a bird with a rose within its beak. It is inked over my heart and is in memory of my Grampie who died of colon (that spread of the rest of his body) cancer back in 1999.

b. I really like to shop in discount stores - or in the clearance section of most stores. BUT, I also like high quality items so I am willing to pay for something that is going to last 10+ years. For example, over Christmas break of 2008, I bought a $200 pair of hiking boots. I still have them and they are in great shape. 

c. A few years ago (and a couple of months before I got married) I impulse-bought a Coach wallet at a Coach Outlet store. Even then I felt it was a lot of money for something so small. Was I really buying something that expensive? (even though it was 70% off, it was still over $100)...but now I secretly want a Coach purse.

d. My two favorite Easter candies are the Cadbury Mini Eggs with the crisp sugar coating - but they only come out during March/April - and peeps. Stale peeps (that's the best way!)

e. I am an emotional worshiper of Christ. There is not a Sunday/song on the radio etc that goes by without some sort of waterworks from me when I am truly in awe or know the impact of the words.

f. I think my new favorite song is 'Somebody That I Used to Know' by Goyte.

g. I really wish I could update my glasses. I've had the same pair since ninth or tenth grade and it is time for a change. It would be nice not to have to wear my contacts all the time.

h. I absolutely love my job. I never thought that working with 6-12 month olds would be so satisfying and rewarding. It almost makes me want to get a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education...

i.  When it comes time for Andrew and I to start a family, I want to skip over the whole birthing stage. I do want to experience pregnancy, but I don't want to experience birth. I've heard and read accounts of people who say watching the birth of their child is a miracle and so hello?! It's gross. Yes, the miracle is in the child and the making of the child...but seriously? Giving birth is messy and gross and bloody and I would rather not have to experience that. No thank you. Give me the belly, then give me the baby without the belly. Without the blood and pain.

j. Sometimes - okay, many times -  I feel as though I am inadequate in the position I've been given (in this marriage) as a wife, lover, confidant, servant, best friend. It is a lot harder than I imagined trying to juggle many hats. I try hard to be the best I can be in all areas, but many times I just fall short. It's frustrating.

k. (This is just one for good measure). It would be absolutely incredible to be able to ride in the bucket of a musher's sled during the ceremonial start/end of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race that happens in Anchorage every year.

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  1. Babies...I love babies and I look forward to be pregnant one day. But I am NOT looking forward to giving birth and recovering from it. :-P I'm kind of scared I'll have massive PPD afterwards.

    And I'm right there with you on feeling inadequate as a wife. Ty says I'm good wife and I have a feeling we women can be hard on ourselves in ways that we shouldn't be. There's always room for growth, but our men don't want us to be perfect and they don't expect us to be able to juggle everything perfectly. That's a hard one for me to learn, lol. Ty is perfectly fine with the apartment being messy and dishes left in the sink! :-P