Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If Andrew can do it, so can I.

I ran five miles today. The loop I usually do is between 3.1 and 4.2 miles (depending if I add the stretch to the second light) all said and done. So when I got to the 2.2 miles mark I thought, why not keep going? After all, I've been running for a while so I think it's time to move forward. No more easy 3 milers. It's four or more from now on. So I went past the second light. About a half mile past. Which means I have to go back that half mile too. Really, I wanted to see if I could do it. I debated for about, oh, 3 seconds, if I wanted to go all the way to Boniface gate - an additional 1.5 miles from the light I would turn around at...but decided against it. Seven miles today would have been too much. But 5 was okay. Took me about an hour. I was purposely going with an easy stride. In reality, I figured that if Andrew can run 26.2 miles then I can run 5. And so I did.

I've been flirting with the idea of running the half marathon during the Big Wild Life runs in mid-august. If anything, I will be at least running the 5k sponsored by Snow City Cafe. Andrew ran it last year. There are a couple of people I know who are making it their goal to be able to do the 5k - people who have never really exercised consistently before. Don't get me wrong - I am interested in their plans and I hope that they can do this - they will be super proud of their accomplishment. And hey - maybe later they will do more. One of the women suggested we put together a team and since I am the 'most experienced' that I be the head of the team and we run it all together....The woman who suggested this run/walks 3 miles in an hour. I KNOW I can do it in 28/29 minutes. This may be selfish, but I don't want to feel obligated or bogged down having to run as a group when I know I could get a PR for myself. I haven't told them yes or no or really discussed it with them because I don't want to say yes but then decide to do the 1/2. Because you can't do both. They race at the same time.

I am asking God to help me not to have the 'runner's attitude' as I call it. Which I just displayed some to you all. Thinking that I know better. Thinking that just because I have been running [relatively] consistently for the past 2 months that I somehow qualify as 'knowing my stuff' and am only out to get PRs for me, not helping and encouraging others to get outside and just go. 

I'm working on it.

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