Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bryon Glacier, Begich Boggs Nature Center & Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

The trailhead. And we forgot to sign the ledger. Oops!

Being artistic. Walking on the snow.

Bryon Glacier

You can't see it, but on the right hand side, around the land mass, there would be Portage Glacier. It has receded this much in 10-20 years.
 Begich Boggs Nature Center
You look through the mask and can see like the animal.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
We went to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and saw some elk.

Alaska DOES have deer!

Wood Bison and babies.

He is so cute! I wanted to take one home...

Resident brown bear

Couple of once-orphaned moose

Being fed by a AWCC worker

The very first baby moose they brought in. He turned four in May.
I wanted to point out that Jeff Corwin came here and filmed. You can barely see if on the second slide.
This is about the film Ito the Wild, using some of the center's animals.

Some caribou.

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