Friday, June 1, 2012

Professionalism and snot rockets

One of the topics we had to go over at work was Professionalism. This includes not gossiping about the workplace, keeping other people's (and your own) lives private as well as how much information you share with parents about other children in the room. At the end of the session, we have to make  a goal to work on and sign/date it when completed. I decided to begin for the month of June to not listen to or engage in gossip/other people's lives in that sense.

I've already failed. An issue happened today with one of the caregivers in my room where she had to leave early and probably will not be here tomorrow...and maybe not next week either. One of the lead teachers from across the way poked her head in and asked what's up with her (the first caregiver from the room) and I basically just told her the story. Then when my girl came back, the other woman came in again and was sayin' "oh I heard what happened! Are you going to fly to XXX etc etc?"

As you can see, I failed. I've only lasted for TWO days. And it's not even June yet!

On another note, I have my first race tomorrow and I have a very stuffy/full of pressure sinus and I would appreciate prayers for it to go away. Overnight. I would rather be able to run clear tomorrow and save my fellow runners multiple (if not many hundreds) of snot rockets.


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