Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mt. Baldy, Everett, Seattle, Sedro-Wolley & the North Cascades Highway.

This is the Seattle Sky, from our tour of the area on Sunday. Andrew took this one. I think it's gorgeous.

Update, update, update!

Where shall I begin? Well, two Thursdays ago (July 5th) Andrew and I went hiking up Mt. Baldy.

I have *affectionately* names Mt. Baldy the Hill of Death. There is a 2,000 foot elevation gain over one mile and it is pretty much walking STRAIGHT UP the side. But besides that, uou will understand why in a minute.

Later that evening, we flew to Seattle and arrived at 5:04 am PST on Friday. I was tired and grumpy and really just wanted a nap, breakfast and some coffee. Oh and my leg was swollen and it hurt to walk. We had a wedding rehearsal Friday afternoon, the wedding itself on Saturday, Sightseeing on Sunday. Sunday evening I dropped Andrew off at the airport before Erin and I drove to Gina's house for the next few days. Monday I got driven around the North Cascades Highway and stopped at various places to see beautiful sights. We stopped at the visitor center and I got a pin for my backpack. I also got to stop at the original Cascadian Farms! I got some DELICIOUS homemade raspberry & chocolate ice cream and a do a short little walking tour around the farm stand. I was pretty excited. Here are some pictures from the trip:

Above: Beth's Cafe, where Alex took us to breakfast that Friday morning. This is a mural along the outside wall. it basically is the same as the inside decor.

A really cool monument/statue at the Mukilteo Lighthouse.

At the wedding, you take a cake pop and your table number. 

"Make-your-own-mini-cheesecake" dessert station

The wedding party.

Danielle had her side carry lanterns. Each one is different because each person has had a different impact on her life.
Saturday night after the wedding Erin, Gina & Ryan came down to Mulkiteo for a short visit. Originally all three were coming to Seattle with us on Sunday but Gina (and therefore Ryan) had to back out. But since Gina and Andrew have never met before, this seemed like a good idea. 

'Bikini Stands'

EMP - Experience Music Project in the Seattle Center. Wanted to go in, but didn't have time.

Atop the  Space needle. This picture took almost four tries, using a couple of different tourists. But we got it!

Please don't arrest me officer!

Blue trees invite people to pay attention to deforestation.

THE original Starbucks.
Kind of like the gum tree at Houghton. Only a wall.

Where we had dinner.

Riding the Carousel because the Ferris wheel was too expensive.

Outside the aquarium.

International Fountain back in Seattle Center.
Other photos from the trip can be found here and here.

Another update in a few days about my foot/lower leg!

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