Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome to JBER Alaska!

Well, let's just say that the city is really Anchorage but the base itself is practically a city so...

Andrew and I arrived from over fifteen hours of flying in Anchorage at 12 am on Saturday March 5th. His friend Carlos picked us up and dropped us off at the North Star Inn, located near Andrew's current dorm. We slept until 9 30 am or so, then went to breakfast at the DFAC (basically the cafeteria) and then went off into Anchorage to hit Bailey's, a really nice quality furniture store. After about two hours of browsing and poking around, we settled in on the bedset we would like to have. It is made out of Brazilian wood and old wooden wine casket pieces. We get the bed frame, a low dresser, mirror, and one nightstand. We added in the taller hest as well so that we would have more room to put our clothes. We also picked out a mattress. We decided that we would buy the mattress ourselves rather than use the wedding gift money for the bedroom set that my mom set up for us.

We also went over to the animal control center and visited with a at named Oscar... who is so lovable and friendly and is such a sweet cat. We would like to adopt him I think but we couldn't because we don't have a house yet...or an address for that matter.

Sunday we woke up earlier again but this time after breakfast at the DFAC we headed over to Wasilla high School (about 41 mile North of Anchorage) to catch the shuttle to Willow AK to see the [official] (re)start of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race.I've always wanted to see the beginning of the race ever since I was little and I would be reading sled-dog books like those by Sue Henry. We stayed there for about an hour before catching the shuttle back to the car. We went to Red Robin for Dinner before heading back to the Inn to ret and relax and watch an episode of Sherlock Holmes from Netflix. We also moved the rest of his personal items from out of his dorm room and into the back of the car.

Today, Monday,  we got a lot of thing done. I got a military ID card so now I can shop at the grocery store on base and I will basically use this card as my identification card for wherever I go on base(and gt discounts off base too!) We signed me up for the Tri-care medical insurance like Andrew has. We finished the military housing application forms and got to look at sample show apartment. And the funny thing is that Masha (Spinney) will be living just down the street from me! We stopped by her house to see her shortly before going on with our other errands.

Right now I am back at the hotel writing this. I am sort of feeling blah. Andrew had to run back over to his dorm to give his dorm manager a letter from his supervisor about processing out, and also grab all his cereal he's got stored away so I can have breakfast in the mornings. He also has to bop over to his squadron for something. I'm not sure what.

oh, and I had a group interview at Barnes & Noble this morning. It went well I think.

Anyways, time to make a list of everything important we will need to get for the house next week!


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