Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our First Cache in Alaska & as a married couple!

The small statue near the ever-so-slightly 'engraved' rock entitled Hannah's Cove

We went along the coastal trail.

The first cache we found together! Even in the snow!

Looking inside at all the goodies! We took a pen and left a tagged duck last picked up by Andrew in MA.

I was trying to capture something here...

This one came out better.

One of the tunnels we walked through.

This poem was on a plague near the lake where the coastal trail 'splits' and near a cache we were looking for.

We found this one (well, Andrew did)! The name of it was 'supe-rsized' yet it is a micro....silly.

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  1. Fun! Nate was wondering just the other day if Andrew still cached. :)
    Cool tunnel pic!