Wednesday, March 9, 2011

hmmmm what have I done so far today? Not too much. Andrew had to go to some breakfast thing with a big-wig that came to base so he skipped out early. He came back after breakfast because he forgot something and I decided I would drive him in so I could have the car today...the same will be true tomorrow since I have a second call-back interview with the Barnes & Noble store up here!

Yesterday we found the library together and rented a couple of movies to help us hold oer boredom before we can more into our house after this weekend. I'll have to tell work that I can't start until maybe next weekend or at least the latter part of next week because I would like to be there when everything is getting moved in!

We went looking at Bed Bath & Beyond the other night and set up a registry...even though we re already married! We pretended we were engaged and had a May wedding coming up...but mostly we wanted to look at the items there and be able to get an idea/list of everything we might need an/or want to have for the new house!

My task today is to figure out a list of very important things we will need to start off with as soon as we move in (like bedsheets and towels) and also create a secondary list for the items we can wait on, such as  curtains or a tv stand etc.

So I am off to do that.

and maybe this afternoon I will swing over to Masha's house and visit with her. But I'm not sure yet.

Love Love


  1. Great news about B&N!!
    Have fun setting up the gonna post photos?? :)
    love ya

  2. Yay for blog posts from Caitlin & Andrew! :) Can't wait to hear more details about settling into the pictures, okay? Wish we could all be there to help with the moving in...okay, Jewels, Nate and Mia would totally get in the way, but the rest of us could help. ;-)

    *hugs* I'm going to check out your registry. ;-) Miss you guys so much! Counting down the days until we hope to see you again...