Sunday, February 20, 2011

Also today, I wrote a letter to the leaders of Heritage Bible Chapel, letting them know what an impact they have had in my life these past couple of years, however sporatically. I thought I would share.

To the Leaders of HBC:
I am writing to you because I want all of you to know what an impact you have had in my life. Some of you may know me and some of you may not. I started attending HBC about two years ago. A wonderful friend convinced me to try out the college group when I was home from school so I went and then shortly after began attending the Sunday service.
I’ve grown fond of HBC. Although I am currently now only attending the Sunday service (and today, the 20th will be my last one) I have been welcomed in by the congregation every time I step through those doors. You see, next Sunday (the 27th) I will be married and on Friday March 4th I will be joining my husband in Anchorage Alaska as he is currently serving in the United States Air Force.
HBC has taught me some valuable lessons in my faith. I should never be ashamed of praising and worshipping God – God wants me to worship Him and only Him, even if that means I am standing with my arms raised and tears streaming down my cheeks (and I feel, looking like an idiot) in the front row. If you want to learn something, the front row is where all the action is. I have enjoyed immensely every sermon that has come forth from that podium - pastor, elder or visiting speaker. Each Sunday I leave with a renewed sense of self, a greater understanding of who God is, how I fit into the picture, and more of a hunger for God than I ever thought possible. Thank you for feeding me in that way.
And so as I continue to make moving preparations, I am saddened by the thought of leaving such a great church. Heritage Bible Chapel has been such a solid foundation for me these past couple years and I can only hope that there is another church out there that will meet or surpass all that HBC has given me up until now. Thank you. Thank you to the congregation, but most importantly to you, as leaders, because without great leaders, there wouldn’t be a great church.
Thanks again.

Caitlin Loftus

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