Friday, March 25, 2011

So I need to update.
I've been working in the cafe at Barnes and Noble recently and will be for at least the next two weeks (through the end of the April 9th week) which is okay except that after three days of training I am already sick of it. I would like to be up at the registers at the front of the store for a while. But here I am. In Cafe. Oh well.

Yesterday I took Chip (our adopted kitty) to the Diamond Animal clinic and hospital over on East Tudor street. I got there okay. Chip didn't like the car ride. And during the visit he was a little scared because there was a lot of outside noise near the room (we were near the waiting room and there were a couple of rambunctious dogs outside). He did pretty well with the tech exam (DID NOT like the temperature gauge...I wouldn't either if I had a thermometer stuck up my bottom!) and was very curious about the room. The vet was wonderful. We did a blood test for fec-leuk and what is essentially kitty AIDS (which we had to pay for) and got medicine to de-worm him - especially since he came from a shelter situation and hadn't had any medicine for that. The actual exam was free because the animal control gives out a coupon for a free health exam which is honored at fifteen or so area vets. We chose this one because they are open twenty four hours and have good reviews from the animal control.

Tonight I have to work from 6-11 pm which is good I guess. A little bit of a bummer because Andrew and I wanted to go on a double bowling date with one of his coworkers and her boyfriend. Maybe next week. On Saturday we are having an open house/housewarming party. His coworker Lloyd suggested it and everyone in his office is pretty excited about it. It will just be finger-foods and appetizers I think. I am planning on making a no-bake cheesecake, oreo balls, a hot crab dip (recipe thanks to Aunt Gina), Nachos with salsa/ sour cream and I think we might order pizza. It will also be "Bring your own drink" so we don't have to supply it all. I am looking forward to it. Except for all the baking and preparation I have to do tomorrow!

Another thing. We went to the Hospitality House Married couples night at the pastor's house in Eagle River last night. It was so much fun and feels so good to be back in a bible study/instant set of friends. They had dinner (which we ate before because Andrew didn't know but that didn't stop him from eating more!) then we read together Matthew chapters 5-7. After which we talked about what stood out to us in the reading and then broke up into small groups to pray for each other before coming together as a group for corporate prayer.

And I was reminded not to worry. Jesus told us not to worry about what we will eat or wear or drink because even the birds and the lilies are provided for...and lilies do no work at all! So I prayed that I would be able to focus less on worrying and more on how God will work everything out. And then, on the way home, I was tested. Don't you love that? When you ask God for something, he always gives you a trial to test you. I've stopped asking for patience because I don't want to be tested!

On the way home I was tested. I worried about putting gas in the car and buying groceries on Saturday and having to use my check for things instead of putting it towards my bills then not being able to pay them.... and I worried. Then I went to God and said 'Didn't I just ask to not worry? And here I am worrying before coming to You. This is silly. I know You will work everything out for us.'

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  1. Love reading updates from you!
    we are praying for you
    love and miss ya