Sunday, May 13, 2012


I am addicted to watching episodes of Bones on Netflix. Literally. Andrew left for the Eagle River Alehouse for a going-away dinner for someone he knows working on main base at 5:30 and I started watching the episode I left off with last night. And It is now almost 12 am and I'm still watching them. Well, I haven't been the WHOLE time. I browsed for something on etsy, I checked email, facebook, looked online for a dress for the Seattle wedding in July etc. And now I am blogging. And the episode is still playing. Oh, and I took a break when Andrew began setting up our new grill-thanks to my mom for giving such a great gift for us! We got a few accessories as well - including some utensils, a grill brush, a cover and some charcoal. I think Andrew would like to start tomorrow if it isn't raining.

Three of the four books I ordered from Barnes & Noble last weekend came in, so we went to get them. Now I can continue reading in the Chronicles of Narnia series. I'm just waiting for The Silver Chair, book #6.


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  2. PS - Sorry we weren't able to chat with you guys yesterday! :( Trying to keep Ty healthy for some fire academy classes this week and the kids' cold sounds NASTY.