Saturday, May 19, 2012


I've been running for about the past two weeks and tonight I did so well! I run the three mile-ish loop around the house. Sometimes I run with Andrew, but if he has more than four-five miles to run then he goes by himself. I've been doing about 29 minutes on really good days, and 33 minutes on really bad days. There is one part that I get to and I tend to slow down, but today I decided to push myself a little more this time and keep the pace for a bit longer...about two miles. I got until a little past the two mile mark and had to walk fast for about 50 yards because of a stitch in my side. But then I picked the pace back up for the rest of the time. I don't time myself when I run by myself because if I wear the watch I constantly look at it and it is a BIG distraction.

I finished, showered and changed super fast before heading out to the door. I went out to dinner with Crystal & Meghan from work. We went to Wasabi Garden in Eagle River for sushi. It was my first time. I had a California Roll and the Shrimp Crunch Roll. It was delicious. I also ordered an appetizer of cream cheese wontons for us to share. I really enjoyed it. And I ate most of it too - although I did bring some back for Andrew.

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