Saturday, February 19, 2011

too many projects, not enough time.

I would like to be more creative in life. I have a couple of sewing projects I have started but not yet finished, and there are a couple more things I would like to make within the next year if possible. I started cutting out the pieces for a great handbag I saw in a quilter's magazine...and it had some cool other projects I would like to try sometime. Then there is that apron that I had started over a year ago that is almost done, but not quite...I had originally thought of the idea to give it to jaadin as a housewarming gift....she has since moved into a second new apartment and she still doesn't have the apron! oh gosh be golly.

Besides that, there are so many things I would like to make for people! I have bag ideas and notebooks ideas and pincushions and aprons and potholders and quilts and so many things! Even though material is expensive, I love to do it and I love to do it for other people - especially those I love! Last year I made a lap/throw quilt for Jen & Kirby for their wedding and they absolutely LOVED it. Her mom had tears in her eyes as she hugged me and told me that she knows how much time, energy and love goes into a gift like that because she used to do those things...and even if they just said thankyou and snuggled in it, she completely understands what's behind it and to never lose that passion for creating and giving.

That being said, I am happy that I am mailing some of my scrapbooking/stamping/cardmaking supplies up  to Alaska with me because I enjoy doing it too much! I hope that maybe sometime later this year my mom can send up my sewing machine and some of my other sewing items so I can make some new things for our home! Like potholders, an apron, maybe a table runner or placemats, napkins, a quilt for snuggling or our bed ;)

As much as I love being crafty and giving items to people that have been made by me, I think that part of this also goes along with wanting to be relatively self-sustaining, or self-reliant/sufficient in my life. Finding the wabi sabi in items I already have, appreciating what I do have, reducing, reusing and recycling products, and supporting those also who are living comfortably in their own skin and selling products they themselves have made.

So I support Farmer's Markets, I like to buy from smaller one-of-a-kind shops, I LOVE holiday craft fairs and summer markets where people bring all kinds of wares to be sold...homemade soaps, cheeses, sodas, blankets, socks, mittens, food products etc etc.

So more items on my lsit I would like to learn, become good at, and use in place of comercial store-bought items:
Candle making
Sewing - market bags, lunch bags, kitchen supplies, and maybe even some clothes!
Eventually have a small vegetable garden.

Some websites I have found helpful in my search:

and some books:
Made from Scratch - Jenna Woolrich
Country Wisdom Almanac
Serve God, Save the Planet - Matthew Sleeth

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