Tuesday, February 1, 2011

27 Days from now and I will be married!

I haven't updated in quite some time....I've been busy and I'm not really into this whole blogging thing anymore. I was in college but now I don't feel so into it. I like to read the blogs others have done and still write in...It is nice to keep up with their lives in that way.

We mostly have the major things done.
REMINDER: February 11th is the last day to RSVP - so if you haven't done it - make sure you do! we won't do it for you and if I don't have an RVSP from you by 12 am EST on Friday the 11th, you are a 'no'. If you show up you are paying for your dinner because we won't be!

Reception music list is just about finalized.
Working on ceremony programs and the ceremony order of things.
Mrs. Skinner is working on the rehearsal dinner things.
I've already had the hair trial run with Krystal's mom.
Make up trial run will come soon...sometime next week probably.
Thank you notes from the Bridal shower last weekend have been written and half have been sent out already (out of state ones).
Premarital counseling is almost complete.
I've been packing up items for the home/DVD's and CD's to mail to Alaska - I've already mailed a couple of boxes!

we are so close yet so far away! I am SO excited to be waiting at the airport to pick him up on the 23rd of this month! :)

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