Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Josh has a walnut allergy.

A set of vows to look over, that I really like, instead of the traditional vows.
"With this ring,
I give you my promise that from this day forward,
you shall not walk alone.
May my heart be your shelter
And my arms be your home.
May God (Spirit) bless you always.
May we talk together through all things.
May you feel deeply loved, for indeed you are.
May you always see your innocence in my eyes.
I give you my heart.
I have no greater gift to give.
I promise I shall always do my best.
I feel so honored to call you my husband/wife
I feel so pleased to call you mine.
May we feel this joy forever.
I thank God (Spirit).
I thank you and I love you."
-- Written by Marianne Williamson, modified by Annemarie Juhlian, Wedding Celebrant

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