Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wedding Workshop at the Loftus House today!

Thanks to Mom and Erin for helping me finish the invitations (well, almost. They just need to be sealed and the wax stamp put onto the back of them...then mailed out tomorrow!). We spent most of the aftrernoon at the kitchen table working on the vellum envelopes and ribbons and stuffing the whole package into the mailing envelopes. They look so goood! So beautiful!

The table of craftiness..

The stack of invitations to be ribboned and tied.

Erin is being a wonderful help on the invitations!

The ingredients to a wonderful invitation!

The wonderful vellum envelopes!

Putting the last invitation in its envelope.

I then went down cellar and used silver spray paint to put two coats on the backs of the snowflakes which will be out seating cards/party favor for the reception. That stuff is so toxic! I still smell like it and its been about two hours later. 

Two coats of silver spray paint on the backs of the snowflakes.
Oh and it is snowing out right now. Between tonight and tomorrow we are supposed to get 8 inches or so. I have to work tomorrow (ugh if it is crazy slippery with ice and snow)...but the invitations will be mailed tomorrow!

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