Sunday, December 12, 2010

overdue things...

Yesterday, December 11th 2010, was the one year mark since I met Andrew. And we are getting married in just a few short months!

I must admit, I haven't been very good with this whole online blogging thing. I did make it in good spirits and I have been meaning to write. Not that mnay people read it, follow it or even know it exists! So since these things are long awaited, here are some photos from two engagement sessions we have had: one from Mama Skinner & Samantha Skinner and the other from my Dad, Timothy Loftus.

Sorry, the internet is slow and is having trouble uploading the engagement ring.

Things are coming together as the days tick by. We have the place for the ceremony and reception (same place), all the bridesmaids have their dresses and for the most part their shoes (except for Bridget) and I have all their jewelry for that day. I have my dress, shoes, jewelry, garter, etc. The grooms have their information on what they will be wearing. We have decided on the centerpieces, I am working with a woman named Avra on the flowers for the ceremony. My friend Ruth is doing the photography, my matron of honor is doing the cake....everything major we have basically in place and now all that is left is the invitations (almost done!), seating/favors, song lists, and ceremony stuff...and some other small things.

I'm excited...and not. Alaska for three years?! Okay, it's just like going to college....


  1. Oh, and Alaska is going to be awesome! First, because marriage is awesome ;o) and second, because the Air Force is awesome! Praying for you as the journey begins.