Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So, the invitations (for the most part) are folded and the RSVP's are printed and ready to be cut. The vellum envelopes...not so much. I was going to work on them today but I got to bed around 1 am last night after driving home from work and bridget called me this morning at 7 am because mom's car can't park, go in reverse or take the key out of the ignition. So I tumbled out of bed to go to Parson's and pick up mom and get gas and bring her to work. After I got home again, guess where I went? Yup, straight back to bed! I slept until 10:30 am before getting up again and making an omlette for breakfast/lunch.

Since I lost some time and it is offically now in the afternoon, I need to work on my bird book project since I may be going to CT tomorrow to visit my grandparents and drop off that project...so it needs to be done!

Vellum envelopes, you will have to wait.

Schedule for today:
bird book for three hours
Pick up Mom from school/Parson's Auto
Get ready for work
4 pm drive to work
work 5-11 in the kids department (ugh!)
If I am home and in bed before twelve and mom doesn't need my car tomorrow, I will be headed down to the wonderful state of CT!!!


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