Friday, July 20, 2012

Just over halfway there: have I been keeping my 2012 goals?

1. Spend more time with the people I love.
This had been off to a great start. Or at least I thought. But lately I haven't been as good at this. I don't think I've actually spent any time with the Ovels since the last time I did when Andrew was TDY.. back in March/April. But I do make an effort to hang out with Sarah at least once a month. SOmetimes more, but we try for once every month. Bonnie - She had a baby, was on vacation then I was...but she is coming over for coffee on Sunday morning so we can catch up. Which I am excited about. Overall, I've been doing really poor in this area. I only have a little more than a year left here and I'm already failing on the friendship scale in terms of quality time.

2. Be more connected/involved in the Women's ministry at Hospitality House.
Again, another EPIC FAIL. And this is because I stopped going. I feel overwhelmed when I go because there are so many people. Don't get me wrong: this is what this ministry is supposed to do - reach out to soldiers/airmen and/or their families. I stopped going first because my favorite exercise class met at the same time. Then it was because Andrew didn't want to go/didn't want a commitment like that every week. Finally it is because I can't stand the immaturity of the 18 year olds. And I am no longer receiving any growth from it. 

3. Take advantage of low-cost to free activities offered on base, plus in and around Anchorage.
I must admit, I haven't been able to keep up with this one either. There were a few free talks offered at the Campbell Creek Science Center & the Eagle River Nature Center over the course of the winter, but every time I didn't feel safe driving there because of the weather conditions. We did do the Fourth of July parade downtown this year. And we have done some hiking. I know I plan on convincing Andrew to go to some of the performances offered by the Anchorage Concert Association this fall. But those aren't necessarily free. 

4. Be more spontaneous, creative, intuitive, interactive.
I struggle with this too, because I like routine, lists and tasks. It's not really part of my personality. Although, I must say that we hiked Mt. Baldy before jumping on a plane bound for Seattle. (This is also the mountain that put me in this current laid-up position - more on that later). I haven't even thought about that quilt have had a few fleeting thoughts about the quilt but nothing has come of it yet. I've been thinking about re-arranging some wall hangings/photos around the house. I've been thinking about doing some pinterest ideas. That is about as far as my creativity has gone so far. 

5. Invest in a couple of high-quality items.
I've been successful at this one! I FINALLY bought a dress watch - although it becomes my everyday-everywhere-when-I'm-not-working watch, but still. My mom helped me buy it. It is probably one  THE most expensive piece of jewelry I own, apart from my engagement-wedding rings. But not the most valued, as in sentiment. What else have I gotten? We've bought a 3-season tent and two sleeping bags with our anniversary money. My mom gave us a back country cooking/mess set that isn't cheap and Andrew bought the parts for and built his own desktop. I think we did pretty well here. 

6. Be financially sound.
Ha. I think this one is kind of a joke. Really, who is ever really financially sound? I had made it a goal to put aside 10% of every paycheck into a savings account, as an emergency/nest fund and I've done it for the most part. I have had to hold back on a couple paychecks because of bills, but then again there have been other months when I've been able to put aside 20% of every one. I don't have as much saved as I would like but since it is only July, I think I've done a pretty good job.

7. Giving to God what is God's.
Um...yeah. This DEFINITELY hasn't happened. And I will tell you why: I worry too much. I worry too much about my school loans. I worry too much about how we are going to pay for things - like if the car breaks down. I worry about money. A lot. I know what you might be thinking. how can I worry about money when last year we flew home/to the NE area like four different times? Well, those where special circumstances. And sometimes our inability to say no to our best friends. Or because we were asked to be a part of something long before we got married and couldn't back out of that commitment. Whatever it was, we haven't done that this year. Just one trip. And now that's done. And we won't be flying home again for a while. Probably not until we move away from here. Which is in October of 2013. 

So I haven't been tithing. and the sad thing is, I no longer feel guilty about it. 

I suck at keeping my goals. Maybe I have too many expectations? Could I be pushing myself too hard too soon in too many areas? We are just over halfway to January 2013. Let's hope that these next few months perk up a little bit.

Until then.

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