Friday, December 30, 2011

One of my closest friends from Alaska drove away today. Andrew and I went to the Worrick's home last night for some last-minute hanging out and a quick game of Cranium before heading to bed around 1:30 am, only to get up today and drive back over there to squeeze in some more goodbye's. We prayed together. We cried together. Hugs were passed around. I've been thinking about this moment practically every day for the past month or more and thinking on what to do or say to make this go by easier. The only real thing I came up with that I've been thinking about over and over, a couple of phrases on an endless repeat in my head is 'Thank you for Amy' and 'Bless their journey'. 

Back when I first got here - well, even before that, I prayed earnestly for God to send me a friend. And Amy took me under her wing and has become my first real, life-changing, blessing-in-disguise friend here while in Alaska. She and Shawn have welcomed me and Andrew into their home, into their lives, and have challenged me to ask the hard questions about my life, my faith and how I should be a better wife to Andrew/live a better life (and she probably doesn't realize she's encouraged me and challenged me in so many ways!).

And now they are en route to Missouri and their new base. And I know that God is going to move BIG through them. And their journey will be blessed.

Missing you four already - Amy, Shawn, Devin, Zoey, Maddi & Kia.

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