Sunday, May 8, 2011

For the first time ever...

So I worked on Thursday 12-4 pm...only a couple of hours (even though I wasn't originally scheduled for that time) for more training with Sarah in Institutionals. The four hours went by really fast. Friday I was in cafe from 11-4 and it was a relatively busy day. The regional cafe manager was in town and watching us like a hawk, so everyone (myself included) was a little on the nervous side. After I got out of work I headed over to Anderson's Bridal to do some final alterations on the bridesmaid dress for Jaadin & Jeff's upcoming wedding this Saturday. We are wearing a violet Alfred Angelo dress. A picture of the dress can be viewed here.

Andrew and I went out on a dinner date at a great restaurant called Moose's Tooth here in Anchorage. It really does have the BEST pizza in town...and in anywhere else I have lived! There was a 35 minute wait to be seated, in addition to a 40 minute wait for the pizza since the time you ordered. It was that crazy busy. But sooooo worth the wait! I got one called The Backpacker while Andrew got Summer Solstice. Mine was a veggie pizza and Andrew's was with chicken. Both were muy delicioso.

After which we stopped at the cafe in Barnes & Noble (I can't seem to GET AWAY from that place!) for some cookies to eat during the movies. Carlos came along with us to the 9:20 pm 3D showing of Thor. It was a really good movie. I watched the trailer for it before we left for dinner since I had no idea what it was about. Andrew really wanted to see it and it looked interesting. It was. I liked it very much. Maybe we will get the DVD when it comes out.

Not only that, but it was my very first 3D movie. Ever. Well, I went to see one at the Boston Aquarium once. About Sharks. But I was so scared that one of the sharks on-screen was going to pop out at me, that I didn't wear the glasses AT ALL the entire documentary. Lame.

Today (Saturday) I worked 9-5 with Sarah. I really enjoy what I am learning in this part of the bookstore. I even like it better than cafe. (Shh! Don't tell). The day goes by much faster and don't have to strictly wear black, white or gray...or even socks all the time with my shoes. It's about time. After I picked up the finished dress, headed home, changed and went grocery shopping while Andrew made dinner. What a good doobie. And then we watched for the first time ever, Crocodile Dundee. Yes, I know. We must have had deprived childhoods. But now we can say we've seen it. And we can join the club of everyone who has too.

Anyways, off to bed. Church in the morning. And a walk with Sarah (a different one), her husband Jesse and their baby boy tomorrow afternoon! I can't wait!

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