Monday, January 6, 2014

Two videos I think you need to watch

A few things:
One, I think this woman in this video was on my plane from Boston to Dallas/Ft Worth when I was coming back from visiting my family over Thanksgiving. I am not entirely sure this was her, but I noticed her for obvious reasons. And I am ashamed to admit that I did, indeed, have to look away because her outward appearance is 'different'. At first I wanted to keep looking at her. (Some people may call it staring; I call it curiosity-with-un-moving-eyes). But then I thought about all the other people in the terminal and how they also might be looking at her and I felt that adding me to the mix would make her uncomfortable. So I stopped. Then today I saw this video (making it's Facebook rounds) and I had to watch. Don't watch it if you are just trying to keep up with the latest craze of videos. Watch it to remind yourself that the words 'beauty' and 'ugly' are two liberal, over-used words our society uses to make ourselves feel better. She has overcome odds (in birth and in life) and she is a great reminder about how our actions can uplift others, rather than tear them down.

I am noticing this video in our everyday lives more and more. Someone very close to me recently suggested I upgrade my phone to a smartphone or something with all-the-time-internet-capabilities (even if I only use it for the GPS). I have a cell phone. I like my phone. It can connect to the internet, but a. the screen is so small and b. I choose not to. My phone serves it's purpose: I can call and text and sometimes even take a picture. I want to go on Facebook or Pinterest, post to this blog or search the internet? I can wait until I get home from work to use the computer. I need directions? Stop and ask, or look it up before I go out. I want to listen to Pandora?Well, how about that radio? Or the Ipod?

I must admit, sometimes it would be easier to have a smartphone. Better pictures, more text message storage space, I can do Facetime from my phone rather than having to use Skype or some other program via my computer. GPS at my fingertips - wow that would be so cool (hello to never getting lost and winging it again! Wait, isn't that part of the fun? I discover so many new places I never knew were there before!)

I also admit that sometimes being out with friends or another certain someone who is 'checking' their phone for updates, weather etc etc can be a bit annoying. Like when we are in a restaurant, having dinner or whatever - we are supposed to be talking, laughing, sharing and you 'need' to have your phone on the table? On more than one occasion I have asked others to put away the phone. If I wanted to see what the latest app was, the weather (just go outside!) or who is posting a new picture to FB or Instagram every five seconds instead of spending some quality-in-the-present-moment time with you, I would have stayed home, plunked down in front of the computer.

So watch this video. If your life continues like this, how long do you think those relationships will last? (On either side?) Maybe this will cause you to pause and think about your current life - are you making memories with the people you love or too worried about the next stat or picture?

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