Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014!

Gosh, can you believe it? 2014! Already? So much has happened this year in our lives - exploring all around Alaska as the last few months flew by around us, packing up our house and saying goodbye to close friends we have made in the last three years, traveling by car through Canada and parts of the US we have never been to, making new memories, settling into Colorado Springs, surprising family for Thanksgiving and enjoying the holidays in our new apartment!

I don't really like the idea of  'resolutions' for the upcoming year - mostly because I tend to break them. I attended my first heated yoga class at Cambio Studios yesterday morning, and the instructor started off the class with a little 'farewell to 2013, hello to 2014' quip and one of the things she said - she is going to be pursuing intentions rather than resolutions. Intentions. I like that. Making a resolution for the new year is setting you up to fail - after all, isn't the word itself sound so final? Intentions is more flexible; if I don't succeed, then there is room to grow and change and make the goal more suited to how life changes.

A few posts ago, I wrote that I want to live a fuller life. What does this look like? To me, this means living more simply, more compassionate, more servant-like. I am not going to be perfect and that is okay with me.

Some of the ways I have brainstormed to help make this overall intention succeed:
Read/listen to one book a month (List coming soon)
Volunteer in the Church's nursery
Experiment more with new recipes; find a couple of new favorites and make a rotating schedule
Sponsor a family for the 2014 Holiday Season
Spark my creativity - see tab under '52 in 52'
Attempt to stick to an allowance for myself every month (not that I spend a lot of money on myself anyway) - The point here is to use CASH for coffees, snacks, little purchases, stamps etc. When it is gone, it is gone. The Question becomes: What is really important to me? Do I really want to give up those $4 for a fancy espresso drink? P.S. The answer is almost always YES!
Attempt to only purchase/acquire clothes etc for the house from second-hand/consignment stores like Plato's Closet, The Salvation Army, Airman's Attic, Warrior Warehouse etc.
         *Exception to the intention (because there are always exceptions): Underthings, workout clothes, gifts given to me. If I have a gift card, intend to only shop the clearance/super-marked-down racks. Sneakers and shoes (special condition of the feet needing good support). The ONLY other non-second hand exception comes from super-discounted sales (like the one Old Navy is having right now to get rid of all their winter stock - Hello l/s shirts for less than $3!!)
Save for something of quality; rather than having lots of quantity. If I can save up for something and use cash to purchase it - it is authentically mine and I am more apt to take better care of it.

There are, of course, financial intentions for the upcoming year as well; some I may talk about on here while others I may not. Mostly because financial information within my immediate family is none of anyone's business except between Andrew and I, but I may share some of the frustrations that come from not reaching those goals or lessons I am learning along the way.

There are many other ideas and thoughts floating around in my mind on what it will mean, what it currently means, and what I have imagined it to mean, living a fuller life. Intentions will (and should) change as the year progresses but as for now, I am excited to see what this new year will bring!

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