Thursday, January 12, 2012

House of Bread & Snow City Cafe

Sarah and I had lunch here before she left for her holiday vacation with her family  in Syracuse NY.  The cafe is located just after the intersection of Dimond Boulevard and Old Seward Highway.
I got a sandwich on Basil Parmesan Bread. So yummy.

A really cool holiday decoration idea. 

Some of the goods they sell. All the bread is made daily and the menu of breads varies day-to-day.

One more view of the order/pick up counter. The cafe also sells pastries and has a full coffee bar.
 The food was delicious. Even though I can't quite remember the sandwich, I believe Sarah had the same one, and she also had some soup which she fed to her son, Johnie. It is decently priced by Alaska's standards...I got some iced tea drink and the total was $11.00. I really liked the place; one downside is that there isn't really a lot of tables, so if it is busy during a lunch or dinner hour (or maybe on the weekend) then you'll be taking your lunch to go. I do think it's pretty cool because behind the counter is the big ovens used to bake the bread everyday. And when you order, they give you a number which is placed on your table and when your order is ready, they bring it to your table.

Another place I recently went (Andrew and I went) is Snow City Cafe. This little cafe is located at the end of 4th Ave in downtown Anchorage, right before you get to the bluff (Dad, it is near where we went on the bluff, near the statue overlooking Cook Inlet).  Andrew and I have been wanting to go to this restaurant, but every time we have tried, we either a. can't find parking or b. there is a really long wait. It's true. This place is so popular that you either need to go right when it opens at 8 am or wait until about an hour before it closes. Otherwise you will have an hour plus wait and it will be super busy and the kitchen will be full.

But it;s pretty much worth it. Andrew and I went last Sunday, for a late lunch/early dinner. We got there a little after 2:30 pm and left right before it closed, at 4pm. By the time we ordered, the kitchen had slowed down so our order came out pretty quickly.

Price-wise, I thought it was a little expensive ($11 for an omelet?) but i am beginning to realize that in Alaska, everything is a little bit more expensive. So, it was quite average. Andrew and I both got omelets - which came with a side of hash browns and toast of your choice. Andrew also got an americano and I got a white chocolate raspberry mocha. With tip, we paid $35.00. Not too bad I guess.

I got the Farmer's Market Omelet. It had spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms in it.

My handsome husband!

I tried to be discreet in my photo taking, so I  took one without really looking through the lens. This was at about 3:30 pm, after the restaurant was slowing down.

A Snow-covered sign from the stop light as we left.

So there you have it: two restaurants to check out when you all come and visit!

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