Sunday, August 5, 2012

In a slump

I've been feeling a little blah lately. A few posts ago I had wrote that I wanted to train for a half marathon in October. Based on recent events, I have decided that I don't have the time to train this year. It's already the month of August and I've lost one full month already. For those of you who don't know, I injured my left foot on July 5th and it has pretty much put me back. I haven't run in 7 weeks. Yikes! I've had x-rays, a bone scan, took three days off from work, iced it three times a day for three weeks, walked with crutches for 2 weeks and am still currently not back to normal.

I've been feeling blah because I have no outlet for my emotions. I used running to do that. And I'm really feeling it. Most people can't see, but I've gained weight in my middle and butt/upper thighs. I don't like it. And right now I can't do anything about it.

I'm feeling blah because i am getting frustrated at my job with a few certain people. There is a lot of people leaving the center because of PCS orders or, in Meghan's case, moving because her husband's job has been relocated. Out of the 60 or so staff members at Sitka, we are losing 15 more people (and have already lost about 6). It's hard because we haven't been given anyone to replace those leaving - and even the ones we had gotten (about 3), they are automatically put into rooms because we are so short staffed.

I've been struggling with confrontation lately. I've had to face my dislike of confrontation recently. Not only is it uncomfortable for me, but I haven't been doing  it at all and now I have to step up to the plate when I see something going wrong. And I HATE that.

I've been feeling blah lately. I read friend's blogs and everyone seems to have such happy lives. I love reading about my friend living in Germany and the adventures she has with her kids. I love to read about another friend who just moved  - who writes about God and her life and all these philosophical ideas - and I read her blog because she causes me to think about these things. In ways I may never have thought.

I read of another one of the blogs I follow and although she is busy, she still finds time to can or go canoeing etc.

I am so tired. I go to work then come home and I'm limited right now in the activities I can do because of the injury. I want to live an exciting life - I mean, I live in Alaska of all places.I'm feeling tired and blah because I tried to live an exciting life and I got injured. Gr.

I'm in a slump because I feel so tired. I want to go out with friends, go hiking, do crafts/projects, volunteer somewhere...Where does everyone else get the energy to do these things?

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  1. Funny how life works! I feel blah and in a slump myself because, well, silly little things like canning and canoeing are only done because...well, because the dishes are piled up in the kitchen sink and I haven't cleaned the shower and weeks and gosh, don't ASK me about the last time I vacuumed and mopped. :-P

    Weirdest thing? I look at you and my other married SIL and wonder how you guys do it all, how you manage to have fun like you do. I don't think I have the drive to exercise for a 5K or anything like that and until your injury (which you can't help!), you were steadfastly on the road for that one.

    I can't remember the last time I went hiking or exercised, really worked out like I should be. And don't ask me about the pudge in my middle; I'm starting to worry that co-workers will think I'm pregnant! (sigh) Can we be in a slump together? Seriously, the only reason canning gets done is because it's the only thing I find relaxing these days. :-/ Writing isn't even relaxing anymore.