Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two things I've learned in my short married life so far

There are two things I have begun to learn since I have been married (these short almost six! months). First, Andrew and I have realllly different tastes when it comes to decorating. For example, my mom just shipped up all my wall art, including a wonderful oil painting that was made by my friend Lisa York while she was in her senior year at Hougton - it depicts Massai women in their traditional garb in their village over in Tanzania. This painting holds meaning to me because I've experienced this picture, a semester earlier than Lisa. I also have a few professionally framed batiks I brought back with me and a digitally mastered art piece done by a Houghtonite I bought during my senior year. This Little Red Riding Hood piece was displayed in Java 101, the Houghton coffee shop, during an art show and I kept going back to it over the course of the show. I like it. A lot.

The question comes down to: where are we going to display these? My first guess would be the guest bedroom, but then again, we keep the door closed to keep the room as hypoallergenic as possible for those who visit us with allergies...and so by putting them up there in the room, they would never be seen and enjoyed. We could put them in our bedroom and it would go well with the particular bedroom set we picked up....but I'm afraid that because the frames and pictures are dark and may make our bedroom seem even darker than it already does...

Put them in the living room? Or maybe on that wall at the end of the kitchen that is such a blank white and we use the floor between the bathroom and the door to the basement as a catchall for the file cabinet and backpacks etc..... it would put more color in this house, maybe make it more home-y. What do you think?

Secondly, I went to another medical clinic today because I couldn't get in for an appt in the Hospital with my PCM (it seems I NEVER can!) So let me back up a little bit - and to warn you, the following information may be too personal for you so if you are uncomfortable - suck it up and keep reading or x-out of this blog. A couple of months ago I piggy-backed my birth control and the past couple months my cycle has been off... like a week. So basically, my body says 'I am ready to expel NOW!' a week early - while I'm still on the pill. So this past week has been pretty much the same except two days ago I had a really sore back and last night I woke up several times with debilitating cramps - worse than I've ever had in my entire life of cramping (which is very little to speak of). So I went to the clinic today.

One thing I have learned in these five and a half months of marriage is that nobody cares and I shouldn't either. And if I am caring, I better get over it quick. The first time I saw a guest doctor volunteering at the Hospital a few months ago for this same issue (infection!) I had to get over the fact that the doctor was a male... and today there was a student intern in the clinic and I said it was okay for her to be in there. In fact, what the heck!? If there is a student there to learn, and I have a problem (no matter what area of my body it is) then come on in - even during the exam. Students have to learn somehow. Oh, and I've also begun to not care-so-much about how 'groomed' I am when I visit the doctor. I mean, who cares?

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