Sunday, June 5, 2011

Twilight Skini Mini 6k Run. Friday June 3rd 7 pm

Race Results:
In my age range (21-29) I came in 34th out of 135 participants with a time of 34:33 and a pace of 9.16 mins. Aka the top 25%!!!
In the entire female division (aged 0-elderly), I placed 94th out of 415 participants (aka the top 22.6%!!)
Overall in the entire race (men and women), I placed 153rd of 558 participants (aka top 27%!)

Andrew's Twilight 12k Race Results:
In his age range (21-29): 44th out of 129 participants, with a 7:32 pace and total time of 56:05 (top 34%) .
In the entire male division: 163rd of 507 participants (top 31%).
Overall in the race: 209 of 1245 participants (top 16.7%!!)

If you don't believe me, visit Skinny Raven and click on view 2011 race results.

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